Building Management

Manage energy while maintaining performance and comfort.

Did you know buildings account for 40% of the world’s energy use? Your building's energy consumption has a big impact on your business. Our building efficiency systems are designed to help you:

   Reduce operational and energy costs
   Increase productivity
   Make fast, accurate decisions on your energy strategy The Metasys® Building Management System connects and supplies data to the app-based Panoptix® Platform to help you get the most from your building systems. Better insight for better decisions, faster than ever.
Our building automation solutions help navigate through the entire building life cycle

Our industry-leading solutions, services, products and technologies optimize life-cycle performance for your buildings to achieve maximum energy efficiency and sustainability without compromising on comfort and life-safety.

We can provide the comprehensive life cycle portfolio of building technology solutions, making us a true strategic partner for building owners and operators. Our unique portfolio covering the building’s entire life cycle combines innovative infrastructure solutions with comprehensive services to achieve maximum efficiency.