Maintenance of HVAC Systems

The heating and air conditioning equipment in your home or office is a machine with many moving parts. Those moving parts have the ability to breakdown. With proper maintenance of your heating and air conditioning systems, you can lower the amount times your air conditioner needs repairs. Having the right HVAC contractor performing the correct heating and air conditioning maintenance on your equipment is the key.

With SA Heating and Air all heating and air conditioning service is performed by highly trained technicians. Preventive maintenance on HVAC equipment must be done by EPA certified personnel! (All SA persons working on your refrigerant systems are licensed by the EPA) Central air conditioning equipment gets used in most residential and commercial building in Qatar every month of the year. In some cases with clients with health issues or technology situations some air conditioning systems run every day of the year.

Would you run your car every day of the year and not change the oil? How about your own health? Do you go yearly to the doctor to check to make sure all of your “systems” are working correctly? So why neglect your heating and air conditioning system? Did you know in the normal home 50% of the energy bill is created by the heating and air conditioning system? Commercial buildings are different depending on the type of business that number can vary, but it gives you an idea if you are not a manufacturing plant.

So what does all this mean? Heating and air conditioning maintenance is important! Keeping the most energy consuming piece of equipment in your home or office running at it peak performance. Knowing how much power an air conditioning system is using would be a value right? That is something we test! Check out our extensive Breakdown Prevention Maintenance page just click on those words and it should take you to that page. Pretty impressive you say? Ah yes it is but that is what is needed to ensure your heating and cooling systems are running at peak performance! IF you are not having that done to your heating and air conditioning system yearly then you are throwing away money! WE have the tools to prove it!

Maintenance for you air conditioning equipment should be done yearly one time for the heating season, and one time for cooling season. Vortechs has made it easy for you! We have created 2 great programs to keep your equipment up to the manufaturers specifications ensuring peak performance! Stay comfortable and do it at the least cost to you! Now we know these programs are not for everyone, but they are our VIP programs.